Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Nama Manja

Masa sekolah dulu2 kat MRSM Beseri kita ada geng jugak la. Kira macam nak buat apa2 pun satu geng join jugak la. And dalam geng ni, masing2 ada nama sendiri la. Contohnya:

Kita panggil dia 'Guna' sebab dia hitam skit. So masa tu Punch Gunalan kot famous player or coach badminton, dah lupa dah, so dapat la nama dia 'Guna'.

Azreen (nama cam pompuan tapi laki)
Dia ni cam cina sikit. Masa tu Tan Koon Swan punya cerita pasal songlap duit ke apa tengah famous. So nama dia jadi 'Swan' tapi pronounce 'Swon' sebab kita banyak budak Klate, jadi nama dia pun di Klate kan. Kelakarnya budak2 pompuan pangil dia dengan manjanya jadi 'Suwaannn'.

Sebab dia ni maqam tinggi sangat, orang dok story pasal Wings & Search dia dok cite pasal 'metaphysics' ngan Aristotle, so panggil la dia Riza Proffessor.

Sebab itu perut ada besar sikit, kita kawan2 pangil 'bucit'. Kira singkatan pada buncit la tapi buncit tu tak best sound dia. So jadi la bucit.

Dan yang lain2 tu dah lupa lak.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Marhaban Acoustica

What a refresh it was, to a tired body & weak spirit, to hear people praising our Lord and His best of creations. When the physical is tired, and sound waves coming into the ears like a live jamming session, it was like those people in the Shell commercial.

Well, somebody was blessed with a child and a 'cukur rambut' was held last Thursday in Damansara and like any 'cukur rambut' thing, in villages or cities, 'Marhaban' & other qasidah was sung.

Perhaps some other time, I could put the sound files here. On the other hand, if anybody wants copy of Mawlid Di'bae cd, let me know.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


I wrote tiny bit saying of Shaykh Ubdaydullah (q) in April and last weekend, while having breakfast in Penang, one saying of his struck me. The saying was (from www.naqshbandi.org):

"Everyone enters through a different door; I entered this Spiritual Order through the door of service."

Another luminaries, Shah Naqshband (q) used to say,

"We love to serve, not to be served. When we serve, Allah is happy with us, and this brings more attraction to the Divine Presence and Allah opens that state more for us. However, to be served, brings pride and weakness to the heart and causes us to recede from the Divine Presence."

It is not an easy thing to be of service in the name of our Lord. Not easy if our heart is hard that is. Often times, when I see something that I can help, while driving for example, my mind can’t decide whether to help or not. And while that is going on, I would have passed the opportunity to help. I guess that shows the state of my heart or conscience. And the thing about our heart is that, it gives us sign. When we are terribly angry for example, we would act like an insane and would feel the heat inside us. May our dear Lord save us from that.

But last weekend, the opportunity for service was granted and I felt some softness inside. Hopefully we could have more of it, for He is the Most Generous & Most Merciful, and we all can be a bit like Shaykh Ubaydullah (q) above.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Nasruddin : Applied Non-duality

Whatever the title means, I got it from our beloved Mullah yahoo group. With tons of things to do, his story is like torrential rain on a Malaysian-style hazy day.

Nasrudin participated in a wrestling contest. Due to his agility and
speed, he succeeded in getting to the finals. In the final bout he was matched against a huge and powerful pro.

The guy got him caught and held in an impossibly contorted position,and the situation of Nasrudin seemed hopeless. Then, all of a sudden, to everybody's surprise, in an unbelievable bust of energy Nasrudin released himself from the hold, and vanquished his opponent.

He was declared a winner.

Later that evening a close friend asked him how he did it. "Well," said Nasrudin, "I gave up all hope... then I saw in front of me pair of hairy balls. Forgetting all about fair play, I bit in with all my strength.

You have no idea how much energy a man gets when he bites his own balls."

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Richard Fenyman

Somehow, books that I read tend to be non-fiction. And a few of those stick to my mind even though the books may not be with me anymore. One example of such books are those by Richard Fenyman. To me, he's one of the great physicists of our century; at least to me since the way he presented science it seems like an easy subject.

In one of the books, which as always, I can't remember now which one, he talked about the education system in Brazil. How it teaches children to memorize things instead of understand and think about things. I feel that when I was growing up, our education system is also the same. Those students who can regurgite the formula back seem to be on the top percentile of the class. Just the other day, I was reading a book by Bill Moyers 'A world of Ideas' and one of the interviews he had was with this top Chinese scientist in the US and that scientist was also complaining about the same thing. The scientist felt that his graduate students from China is good at memorizing but not at coming up with boudary-breaking ideas; whereas his US students are otherwise.

I feel that reading Fenyman changed some of my thought processes and maybe characters too. Sadly, I don't know where I put his books, either in Puchong or in Kelantan. I shall find out. Meanwhile, if you want to know more, visit these sites:
1. http://www.geocities.com/feynmang/
2. http://www.feynman.com/

Or just goggle it out.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Physical Man

There was this saying I read in a book which I can't remember now, it's either one of those by Idries Shah or Tadhkirat al-Auliya (get it free here ). The saying is about this gentleman becoming spiritually strong due to physical condition and later on, he found his source for spirituality from hunger and much later, being full or hungry does not affect his spirituality.

These last few weeks have been really low in my life. It seems that my physical affects my spritual much more than previously. I once asked a friend how does he keeps doing his daily practices everyday. Discipline he said; we must work for it.

I must baby steps back.

O Tuhan
Empunya semesta alam
We declare our sins to you, O Lord
Though we keep running away from you
Please keep us under your blessings
Keep us among those who are righteous
Among our Masters
You are truly the Sustainer of our worlds
Look at us with Grace
For the sake of your most beloved servant
The best of creations
Accept us O Lord