Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Many Luck in Life

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Masha Allah, I must show gratitude and confess my thankfulness to our dear Lord much more than what I'm doing now. My dad passed away when I was 15 and I did not feel much about it since my parents have been divorced since I was 10. Though lacking a fatherly figure, my life has been blessed by many people that I think I can't thank our dear Lord enough for it.

One such man is Mohd Affandy Yusof whom I met while a student in Kalamazoo, Michigan. My friend Riza sparked my interest in books and this Abang Fendy nourished the flame for it. Just look at his collection of books. The photos were taken in mid April 05 while visiting him in Penang after about 10 years since we last met.

In Kalamazoo, I often went to his house for good meals. Thanks to people like him, I can keep my 'bucit' even though living far from mom's cooking. His stories of travels and associations with Alims in Malaysia always fascinated me.