Friday, June 10, 2005

Deeds & Thoughts

O Allah
If my deeds take me away from you
Let my thoughts bring me back

... from Travels of Ibn Jubayr

Monday, June 06, 2005

I had my plan but ...

The number '5412' did not win on 4D Posted by Hello

It was about 3 weeks ago that after a good Sunday rest at home I thought I wanted to go to office to finish some work that had piled up. It was good timing too since my wife and son was away at in-laws. But alas, my day did not turn out as planned. Truly, things that happen to us are but things for us to ponder. Lyrics from Sami Yusuf's Who is the Loved One comes to mind:
Any one who fails
To see all the signs
Of His existence
That He has spread around

Will be completely blind
Walking in the desert sands
Having no peace of mind
Who is the Loved One? Allah
Who is al-Majid? Allah
Who is al-Hamid?

That guy really has great voice and good songs; visit him at

If I'm not mistaken, Shaykh Nazim once said, if something happen to to us, say Alhamdulillah; and if it's good, say Syukurillah (sp?).

Oh, it was at a traffic light with an ambulance that came from opposite side and suddenly turn to left; leaving me little road for braking except to hit his side. I'm okay but the car is recuperating!