Monday, December 17, 2007

Ko Muk (1)

Something to balance the 'loneliness' posts and laugh a bit. But in actual fact, this was the source of my sulking. I brought the family for a bit of travelling during August school holiday and since it was short ... in time and in cash ... we thought of some islands close in south Thailand. See, poor people make brave choices amidst the thing there; though the western side is a bit quiet than the Patani/Narathiwat side.

So we chose Ko Muk for not much reasons at all. Never been there and it reads on the net that it's cheaper than some islands nearby.

August being a low season, we had the whole beach to ourselves.

And it was low season for a reason ... it rains there in August. And on the way back, we almost got stuck! Hope you had a bit of a laugh ...

Loneliness (2)

To continue from last post, though I'm feeling okay now, I thought I should share some notes on this thing called 'loneliness'.

Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet came to mind at the moment; for his style of writing and things he said, but I don't have the book with me and not even sure if he wrote anything on this.

In these 36 years of living, I felt acute loneliness on two distinct occasions.

The first was around year 2000, I was working for a small EON Service workshop in Puchong at the time and the boss wanted to go into NGV cars. So I search a bit and told him that there will be international NGV Conference in Yokohama in a few months. And he said go. Fulamak I thought, never been out of the country since I came back from studies in 1994 and was feeling a bit happy.

So the day came, and as I was walking alone towards Japanese immigration, I thought alamakkk (trying to clear from swear words now :) ), I'm alone here on my own and was envious of other Malaysians in the queue with their group, happy talking together like they are already high on local sake.

Searched a bit on how to use Japanese train and managed to get to Yokohama station. Truly our mind is limited in its perception; we usually thought what we will experience according to our previous occurrences. I guess that’s why in some Sufi stories, the morale is to change our method of thinking from linear consequential to non-linear. And hence I thought Yokohama station can't be that much bigger than KL's. Boy oh boy, was I wrong. I think they have more than 20 platforms compare to KL’s 5.

And finally managed to walk to the hotel and went to the conference and all. And that night, alone in the hotel room and with no English-channel TV to watch, and no company nor cash to walk around; I felt I miss my family so much.

This went around for a few days until I dare myself to buy a scratch card to watch TV in the hotel room. I thought that card would give you more TV channels like Cinemax or something.

But guess what, it’s a card for Jap porno channel. He he he.

O well, lust … just like love, does not need a spoken language to communicate. Can’t remember now whether I asked the hotel for more soap bars that day!