Friday, December 15, 2006

Phi Phi Island

Went to Phi Phi island tour today. Cost me RM140.00 for the full day tour. It was worth it I think. Much better than the TAR marine park islands in Kota Kinabalu. For this tour, we went to two snorkeling places and 3 beautiful beaches including that of Maya beach; made famous from Leo DiCaprio's the beach movie. But sadly, I don't have my camera with me. The wife took it first. And this trip was not even planned. More later, now off to Thai Kickboxing match.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Here I am in a small internet care in Krabi, South Thai. A bit more south than Phuket about 4 hours drive from Hat Yai. How did I end up here alone, out of place among the farangs (westerners) is quite simple actually. Got a few days leave to blow off and since I was in Penang for work trip, and the wife is in Hong Kong for two weeks with her mother visiting relatives there. I thought a beach excursion might be good. And been wanting to come here for sometime already. So now the chance.

After a 5 hours minivan drive from Penang to Hat Yai (RM25) and another 4 hours to here (RM25 also), I end up at the physical office of Ms. Patty from She was helpful; got me a room with fan for RM30 per night. And tomorrow to Phi Phi island tour and dead tired now. So, sweet dreams.