Thursday, February 02, 2012

Adventure in Buying Auction Property - Epilogue


I wrote about my experience in buying a flat at auction at links below:

And since then:
1. I've paid for the maintenance fee and claimed some of it from the bank.
2. Lawyer completed the 'Deed of Assignment'.
3. Check the MPSJ Cukai Pintu on 1/02/12 and turns out to be RM1,188.00. I'm broke now so not sure when I'll go pay them.
4. Check around and most say that MPSJ won't claim the money from previous owner. I guess I will have to pay eventually since PoS already states only maintenance fee up to 10% of reserve price will paid by bank. All others are on me.
5. The expenses so far I put on Google Docs; click there to see it. I'm not doing it to brag, after all, the amount is not much anyway. But as a guide to others.

Anyway, all in all ... good experience for me and not sure if I can afford anymore property investment in future.

Allah knows and to Him we return. Sometimes Shaykh Nazim in his suhba/advise makes fun of people who loves dunya too much, always counting their zeros in bank accounts and forgets their permanent abode the akhirah. I pray we are always with the good folks and on the straight path.

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani