Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crossing Wang Kelian Border - 2nd Experience, 03/02/11

I guess one of the good things about Malaysia's multi-culture is that all of us got to enjoy the Chinese New Year holidays. Malaysia being what it is, some companies would take the opportunity to close for about a week.

When we first married innnn ... 1997 I think ... no lah, it was on 17/05/1997, we normally travel domestic. But before then I was always yearning to go to Ko Samui due to that Peter Stuyvesant's commercial on tv. But being  new in the working world and not having much cash, that thought was always in the back burner. That is until my first trip to Krabi in 2006. With information being much easier to find on the internet now, preparing for a budget trip seems much easier.

So it has been like tradition since 2006 that we would normally drive up to Southern Thailand for CNY holidays.

For this Wang Kelian crossing, we knew that we gonna take the Changlun-Kuala Perlis Highway and from our previous outings to Hatyai, we knew that there's this one Chinese coffee shop that we could get good rate for Baht. Our Olympus camera didn't work just before this trip so I don't have a photo for it. But from google map, I think the co-ordinates are here 6.42531,100.428557. I had a quick video shot here taken in 2009 but wasn't thoughtful enough then to take a wide shot.

The place also have Thai insurance but I didn't buy coz I thought I wanted to buy at Wang Kelian. Which was big mistake coz we got there before 9 a.m. and the place isn't open yet. So now you have two tips - where to change for Baht and get Thai insurance :)

MRSM Beseri on our way to Wang Kelian. Great time here in 1987/88 :)

And here's another tip when travelling ... don't be too cocky and assuming.

Since we went to Thai a few times before, I thought this trip we would just go there without prior room reservation whatsoever.

We got to Pak Bara, and the place being a focal point to the popular Ko Lipe, travel agents are aplenty and they spotted our Malaysian registered car pretty quick. Malay-speaking agent approached us and we negotiated with him for ferry to Ko Bulon. I read that the fare is 400B one way and we got it for 350B. And they only have two trips per day (I think) so you want to read up a bit.

We didn't reserve a room with that agent coz we thought better go there and try to find the best spot. He he he.

We got to Ko Bulon and for the 200 plus rooms on that 3,4 km island ... it's ALL fully booked. So these were our first night accommodation:

But we had great view at night and even better breakfast. Truly unforgettable.


safuaria said...

hai there.. just drop by n read u'r entry .. biaq betulll tidoq khemah .. khemah tu bawa kee???

Man Bucit said...

Memang betul tido kemah, kami tak sangka pulau tu boleh penuh, itu tak book awal2. Nasib baik ada satu chalet tu ada sewa kemah, so dia pacak la kemah kat kawasan lapang sikit. 2nd nite baru dapat chalet betul.

Man Bucit said...

Co-ordinates for money changer is correct :)